6 Types of Fencing Materials to Beautify Your Property

Giving your outdoor area a new look not only makes your property visually appealing but also improves its value. What is the simplest yet affordable solution? Fencing! It can do the job pretty well. Achieve your goal by investing a little in fencing supplies in Penarth with Three Counties Agriculture where you only get premium quality feather edge timber. 

The huge number of fencing styles and materials can be overwhelming for many homeowners. We are here to ease up the process and help you in choosing only what goes well with your property. If fencing terms like “dog-eared fence” or “scalloped fence” confuse you, just take a look at our guide to simplify the selection procedure.  

Once you are done with the style, consider the budget. And the scenario gets even more confusing. Additional parts like gate pieces and labour costs also influence the price to a great extent. 

Fencing materials play another crucial role in deciding the price depending on the number of pros and cons. Some suit certain aesthetic styles better than others. So just compare different fencing materials following our guide:


It’s no wonder that wood has earned the first position in this list as an attractive, classic material that suits most yard styles. It also costs less than other fencing options like masonry or vinyl privacy fencing. Teak, redwood and cedar are popular fencing materials thanks to their durable and long-lasting qualities. If environmentally-friendly options excite you, go for bamboo fencing.

Pressure-treated woods are also great if durability and resistance are a priority to you. With wood fencing, you can relax for a couple of decades if you take proper care. However, the wood type also influences this to a great extent. However, you can delay rotting, but cannot stop it. This has made other fencing materials popular among property owners.


The metal fence has always been a popular fencing option irrespective of the metal type.  However, as metal offers a unique design aesthetic, it may not suit every property. Wrought iron gives a stately feel whereas chain link fencing is popular in casual yards. 

Another important factor is scraping and painting to keep the rust away. This inexpensive fencing option serves purposes like keeping pets within the yard. They also last long with proper care.


These woodlike fences offer the durability of plastic. They don’t rot as much as wood and come with greater resistance to bugs. Different composites come at different levels of quality and price. Just do your research and discuss with a reputable seller.


No other material can beat the popularity of vinyl fencing. This pricey but resistant and flexible fencing option is mostly maintenance-free and easy to take care of. 

Masonry styles

This less popular fencing style is known for its longevity. Wondering for how long? More than 100 years! They’re pricey but durable.  They mostly go well with classic or stately looking properties. However, only professionals can install them due to the involvement of complex footings and supports. 


If affordable fencing supplies hold greater importance to you, then no fencing materials come close to PVC. Its durability makes it great to be a part of a construction project as there is no wood in it. 

Not only fencing materials in Penarth play a major role in the selection procedure but its style is equally important. 

Whichever material you select, consider your budget and how much of challenges your fence may need to withstand.  Also, consider how much time you can invest in fence maintenance. Our feather edge timber is a great choice if minimal maintenance is important to you. 

If you’ve finally decided your fence materials,  just consult the experts of Three Counties Agriculture. Take a tour of our site for further details!